Mikko Airavaara

Mikko Airavaara

Dr. Mikko Airavaara got his PhD in pharmacology 2006 and was postdoctoral researcher in national institute on drug abuse, NIH (2007–2011, Baltimore, MD, USA). During his postdoctoral training, he gained expertise in ischemic injury, phenomenon of robust microglial activation, model of neurodegeneration and molecular biology. The results from postdoctoral period were recognised as a major breakthrough and future opportunity, and he received prestigious five-year Academy of Finland research fellowship (2011–2016). He is currently a team leader and has established his group at the Institute of Biotechnology. He has published 20 articles, and his H factor has increased recently to 12.

Dr. Airavaara’s role in GLORIA is to quantitate activated microglia using immunohistochemisty and ELISA, WB and qPCR assays after cell sorting. His main role is to be the investigator responsible for setting up tools molecular pharmacology tools aiming to develop new TLR4 antagonists. These tests include TLR4 receptor assays and opioid receptor assays to study the affinity of novel coupounds produced in GLORIA.


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