Eija Kalso

Eija Kalso

Prof. Eija Kalso, MD, PhD is professor of pain medicine since 2004. She performed her postdoctoral studies at the University of Oxford with Sir Keith Sykes (1983–1984, pulmonary physiology & pharmacokinetics of opioids) and with Prof. H. J. McQuay, Oxford and A. H. Dickenson, UCL, London (spinal mechanisms of opioid analgesia and tolerance 1990–1991), and 1997 (evidence-based medicine with Prof. McQuay). In 1999 she worked at the Karolinska Institute with Prof. Martin Ingvar (placebo & opioid analgesia using PET).

Prof. Kalso has developed pain research in different fields: single and multi-centre clinical trials (acute, cancer and neuropathic pain) and evidence-based medicine, pharmacokinetics of opioids, basic pharmacology of opioids and α2-adrenergic agonists in different types of pain, imaging (PET, fMRI: opioid and placebo effects, neuropathic pain in HSV-patients, effects of chronic pain on the brain), and lately, genetics of pain and inter-individual variation in response to pain therapies, and the role of glial activation in opioid tolerance and neuropathic pain. She has published over 170 original articles and 2 patents. She is the immediate past president of the International Association for the Study of Pain.

Prof. Kalso leads a large research group of clinical and experimental pain research and is a Principal Investigator at the Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology where she leads a pain pharmacology group.

Prof. Kalso’s role in GLORIA is the scientific and overall coordination of the project.

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